Stewards for Sustainable Forests

PPL Lake Wallenpaupack is a proud participant in the American Tree Farm System (ATFS).  This American Forest Foundation program works to “sustain forests, watersheds, and healthy habitats through the power of private stewardship” (  PPL’s ATFS certified farm is comprised of the area that runs from Lake Wallenpaupack’s dam to the hydroelectric power plant along the Laxawaxen River near Kimbles.

PPL also manages an area called Shuman Point Natural Area, which is being maintained along the ATFS guidelines.  A blazed trail takes visitors on a 3.5 mile scenic hike through the woods and along Lake Wallenpaupack.  This natural area is currently undergoing a commercial harvest in a portion of this forest that is experiencing some tree mortality caused by gypsy moth defoliation and environmental stresses. 

In a ten acre section of this tract, visitors to Shuman Point will notice yellow and blue paint markings on certain trees.  Yellow represents healthy trees that will not to be harvested and are retained for specific seeding purposes.  Blue marked trees are in decline and will be harvested for continued sustainability and health of the forest.

Please help us in this important initiative by leaving the markers on the trees.  Shuman Point Natural Area will be preserved in a sustainable fashion for generations of visitors to enjoy.

You will find more information about the American Forest Foundation and the American Tree Farm System at the following websites.