Celebrate National Outdoors Month!

Celebrate Natonal Outdoors Month!

“The United States is blessed with a wealth of natural diversity that remains at the heart of who we are as a people. … Our natural surroundings animate the American spirit, fuel discovery and innovation, and offer unparalleled opportunities for recreation and learning. During Great Outdoors Month, we celebrate the land entrusted to us by our forebears and resolve to pass it on safely to future generations.”
-President Barack Obama

What better way to participate in National Outdoors Month with friends and family than at PPL’s environmental preserves?  Our preserves offer camping facilities, miles of hiking trails, boating, picnic areas, geocaching and much more for your outdoor adventures. See you there!


Birding With the Pros

We had the opportunity to lead a bird watch on Saturday with some pros, which turned out to be a very unique experience! Several members of the Pennsylvania Society of Ornithologists came to the PPL Susquehanna Riverlands in Berwick, PA to enjoy a morning of birding where we identified over 50 species (not including the particularly energetic gray and ground squirrels that joined us). We also travelled to nearby Council Cup to observe Peregrine Falcon activity. These endangered raptors are nesting on the cliff just below the trail that takes you to the top of the mountain that overlooks PPL’s Susquehanna power plant. As we enjoyed the lovely view we were visited by the male and female Peregrines, cacking to one another as they flew around us not 30 yards away. This was certainly a highlight ending to our morning that will not be forgotten!


Calling all bird lovers

Osprey and chick at the PPL Lake Wallenpaupack Preserve.

Osprey and chick at the PPL Lake Wallenpaupack Preserve.

Did you know that PPL’s environmental preserves have been directly involved in efforts to raise awareness of birds and their habitat, and to restore peregrine falcons, bald eagles, ospreys and other bird species to Pennsylvania? Through a “Bird Town” alliance with the Audubon Society, PPL works to raise awareness of birds and their habitats through education, awareness and training activities.

Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee

Here is a chance for all bird lovers to become engaged.  The National Audubon Society is seeking participants for The Great Backyard Bird Count,   an annual four-day event from Feb. 15-18 that engages bird watchers in counting birds to create a real-time snapshot of where the birds are.

Anyone interested in volunteering to take part in this event can grab their binoculars and sign up here: http://www.birdsource.org/gbbc/howto.html.  Volunteers provide important information on the status and trends of our bird populations.

To learn more about PPL’s commitment to birds of prey throughout Pennsylvania, we invite you to read and follow our blog.

12.12.12 Geocaching Events at PPL Preserves

12.12.12 Souvenir

12.12.12 Souvenir

Did you earn your unique 12.12.12 Geocaching.com souvenir last week? Many people did by logging an “attended” at two of our geocaching events at PPL Preserves! It was the last time the calendar will align in our lifetime, so it was a great day to get out and celebrate the date! Enthusiastic geocachers of all ages came out for the event at the Susquehanna Energy Information Center. Most of the cachers were experienced and had found anywhere between 400-1000 caches. A few of the newbies were able to pair up with some of the experienced to learn about geocaching, which is what these events are all about! Most of the participants had attended one or more other events that day and a group from New York logged over 400 miles to attend 5 events. A Montour plant retiree and his wife along with the parents of a PPLer that I work with frequently, one of which is a retired PPL troubleman, enjoyed telling stories of their geocaching adventures.

Several of the participants then made their way from the SEIC to Lake Wallenpaupack to log their next event. While you only need to

Geocaching.com's 0;)Angel team at PPL Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center

Geocaching.com’s 0;)Angel team at PPL Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center

log one event to get the unique souvenir, many cachers take advantage of these special geocaching event days to log as many as they can. The group from NY made a quick stop here at the lake before heading back north and an environmental club from Wallenpaupack High School stopped by to learn more about geocaching and completed the PPL Preserves Hidden Hydro cache while they were at the Environmental Learning Center. It was a great turnout at both preserves and all of the geocachers really seemed to enjoy themselves. We certainly enjoyed talking with them and learning more about all of their geocaching experiences! Thanks to geocaching.com for supporting these events and providing a special souvenir for participants!

-Alana Roberts, PPL SEIC and Sarah Hall, PPL Lake Wallenpaupack

Connecting Students to the Environment

Recently, Joe Scopelliti- Community Relations Manger for PPL Susquehanna and I ventured across the river to PPL’s Council Cup Overlook to meet a group of high school students participating in the Community Connections to the Watershed Program.  About forty students, representing high schools from across Luzerne County, had just left PA American Water’s Ceasetown Dam and were meeting us at Council Cup to learn how PPL Susquehanna uses water in electrical energy generation. Their goal for the day was to learn about the various uses for water including how our drinking water is made safe for human consumption and how water is needed to produce some forms of energy.

Facilitated by Diane Madl, Environmental Education Supervisor from Nescopeck State Park and Angela Lambert, Environmental Education Specialist from Lackawanna State Park, the students asked many questions about our operations at PPL Susquehanna as well as recreational opportunities at the Susquehanna Riverlands Environmental Preserve.

After our Q and A session, we relaxed for a bit, enjoying a beautiful view from the overlook and searching for migrating raptors that frequently utilize this flyway in the fall.

~Alana Roberts, PPL Community Affairs Specialist

Joe Scopelliti discusses river water intake with the students

The view from PPL’s Council Cup Overlook is beautiful, even on a foggy day.

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