Celebrate National Outdoors Month!

Celebrate Natonal Outdoors Month!

“The United States is blessed with a wealth of natural diversity that remains at the heart of who we are as a people. … Our natural surroundings animate the American spirit, fuel discovery and innovation, and offer unparalleled opportunities for recreation and learning. During Great Outdoors Month, we celebrate the land entrusted to us by our forebears and resolve to pass it on safely to future generations.”
-President Barack Obama

What better way to participate in National Outdoors Month with friends and family than at PPL’s environmental preserves?  Our preserves offer camping facilities, miles of hiking trails, boating, picnic areas, geocaching and much more for your outdoor adventures. See you there!


Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winners

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are feeling the love! We are overwhelmed by the response to our Valentine’s Day Giveaway and can’t thank you all enough for helping us to reach a larger audience. Four of our lucky followers have been drawn at random for the prizes as follows:

Garmin eTrex Legend GPS- Jennifer Lewis

Bushnell Waterproof 8x42mm Binoculars- Marilee Ruditis

Coleman LED Micro-Quad Lantern- Tom Hector

PPL Bird Feeder with birdseed- John B. Sweigart

Each winner should contact us via e-mail at pplpreserves@pplweb.com with your contact information to receive your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! You are all amazing followers and we look forward to hearing from you here and on Facebook or Twitter! We encourage everyone to share their experiences at our preserves on our PPL Preserves Facebook page, so don’t hesitate to post those great pictures you have!

Montour Travel Bug Update

Montour TB USERThe last time we updated you on the Montour Travel Bug it had journeyed 7, 631 miles in the last 4 years and was making its way around Austria. Now almost five years later it is still in Austria, but has since been taken to several different beautiful locations. This particular travel bug has now logged over 8,100 miles since its release in March of 2007 at PPL’s Montour Environmental Preserve, and for the last 152 miles it has had one particularly good travel guide.
Montour TB Austria1

Geocaching.com user CarinjaMagdalena noted that the PPL keychain flashlight was still lighting up when picked up from a cache in lower Austria. Since then Birgit Rothböck (CarinjaMagdalena) has logged all of the beautiful places this TB has visited. Some of the pictures can be seen here, but for more pictures and a full log of the TB visit our geocaching.com page here. If you’re interested in finding our other cache locations you can also visit our PPL Preserves geocaching page here.
Montour TB Austria2Montour TB Austria3Montour TB Austria4Montour TB Austria5


Montour TB Austria6


12.12.12 Geocaching Events at PPL Preserves

12.12.12 Souvenir

12.12.12 Souvenir

Did you earn your unique 12.12.12 Geocaching.com souvenir last week? Many people did by logging an “attended” at two of our geocaching events at PPL Preserves! It was the last time the calendar will align in our lifetime, so it was a great day to get out and celebrate the date! Enthusiastic geocachers of all ages came out for the event at the Susquehanna Energy Information Center. Most of the cachers were experienced and had found anywhere between 400-1000 caches. A few of the newbies were able to pair up with some of the experienced to learn about geocaching, which is what these events are all about! Most of the participants had attended one or more other events that day and a group from New York logged over 400 miles to attend 5 events. A Montour plant retiree and his wife along with the parents of a PPLer that I work with frequently, one of which is a retired PPL troubleman, enjoyed telling stories of their geocaching adventures.

Several of the participants then made their way from the SEIC to Lake Wallenpaupack to log their next event. While you only need to

Geocaching.com's 0;)Angel team at PPL Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center

Geocaching.com’s 0;)Angel team at PPL Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center

log one event to get the unique souvenir, many cachers take advantage of these special geocaching event days to log as many as they can. The group from NY made a quick stop here at the lake before heading back north and an environmental club from Wallenpaupack High School stopped by to learn more about geocaching and completed the PPL Preserves Hidden Hydro cache while they were at the Environmental Learning Center. It was a great turnout at both preserves and all of the geocachers really seemed to enjoy themselves. We certainly enjoyed talking with them and learning more about all of their geocaching experiences! Thanks to geocaching.com for supporting these events and providing a special souvenir for participants!

-Alana Roberts, PPL SEIC and Sarah Hall, PPL Lake Wallenpaupack

PPL Montour Travel Bug Reaches Austria

Photo submitted by anna_anhang

 There’s a bug going around, a Groundspeak Travel Bug that is. Don’t worry; this is a good kind of bug that has been traveling around the geocaching world for quite some time now. A travel bug is a trackable device that is attached to an object. It has a unique number that people can log online, tracking it from cache to cache.  The travel bug was released in March of 2007 at PPL’s Montour Environmental Preserve, its goal being to reach Wales, United Kingdom, the home of Western Power Distribution, PPL’s electricity distribution company in the UK. That goal was met in a few short months and it has been making its way around the world ever since.

Photo submitted by Lantis82

This particular travel bug is attached to a PPL light keychain and has been found in places such as Spain, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It has been traveling around Austria since April 1, 2012 and was last picked up on top of a mountain in beautiful Styria. It is currently heading to Lower Austria to be placed in another cache. It has traveled an impressive 7,631 miles in the last 4 years, and hopefully many more to come!  

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