It’s For the Birds

Breeding Bird AtlasThe culmination of five years of effort by more than two thousand dedicated birdwatchers across the state is here. It is the Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania. This book amasses data about the distribution and changes in status for almost two hundred bird species in Pennsylvania. Photographs and descriptions of each species are supplemented by distribution maps that highlight sightings during the surveys and changes since the first atlas survey over twenty years ago.

Staff at PPL’s Montour Preserve and Susquehanna Riverlands contributed to the bird data collection at each site during the five years of the survey.

Andy Wilson, Robert Mulvihill and Dan Brauning, editors of the new book recently released by The Pennsylvania State University Press will appear on the Pennsylvania Cable Network’s (PCN) PA Books show, discussing “Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania” this Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 9PM.

A listing of cable systems carrying PCN may be found at Additionally, paid subscribers to “PCN SELECT” may view the program via live streaming video at , and it will be posted as a podcast on the website for one week (beginning the Monday after the initial airing).

So, if you are interested, check out our discussion of the book on PCN.

The “Second Atlas” book is available from the Penn State University Press at

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