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Last week I had the pleasure of visiting three schools to meet with the teachers spearheading the projects that received funding from PPL’s Empowering Educators grant program. These educators were so excited to have funding to support projects that they felt would not be possible without the support of PPL. We’re just as excited to create these opportunities!

At Freedom High School in the Bethlehem Area School District they are constructing a livinDSCN3258g wall, designed and built by students, in the main lobby. The wall will have a vertical lush garden with carefully selected plants that will improve indoor air quality. The project will give students a lesson in engineering, design and construction as well as environmental science. Here are two of the lead students explaining the design to the rest of the class.

Scranton High School will be diverting roof runoff into rain barrels, where it will be stored to water the garden and landscaping.DSCN3276A rain garden, consisting of plants native to Pennsylvania, will also be placed strategically near a storm drain to reduce flow to the Lackawanna River. Sixty students will plan, plant and maintain the garden and rain barrels. These students as well as their teacher and principal are excited for spring so they can begin this project!

My last stop was at Blue Mountain Elementary-East in Orwigsburg. 150 fourth graders will participate in a classroom outreach project provided by the Da Vinci Science Center of Allentown. Students will discover the electrifying principles of electrical engineering by creating series and parallel circuits, measuring their voltages, and drawing circuit diagrams. These cute kids are ready for some science!

BlueMtn2013I hope to visit the rest of the schools receiving Empowering Educators funding by the end of this month. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates! Stay tuned for more photos and stories of STEM education happening near you!

~Alana Roberts, Community Affairs Specialist and Empowering Educators grant coordinator

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  1. Kate said,

    February 11, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Awesome work Alana!!

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