Fall Enjoyed by All

Children with expertly painted faces popped in and out among pumpkins and hay bales during the Fall Festival held at PPL’s Susquehanna Riverlands on Oct. 6th.

Everyone enjoyed good food, hayrides and various exhibits accompanied by the toe tapping music of local musician Jay Smar at this annual event held on the first Saturday of October.

The festival gives us an opportunity to bring members of our community together for an enjoyable day filled with nature exhibits and outdoor activities. The free activities are our way of saying thank you to our plant neighbors for their support.

Along with having their faces painted as Halloween specters, children painted pumpkins, fed butterflies with Folk’s Butterfly Farm and watched bees work on a hive with James and Ginny from the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association. Many visitors also took advantage of the informational bus tours around the plant’s perimeter provided by Susquehanna staff and enjoyed a quiet walk along the nature trails in the 400-acre park.

Check out these terrific photos by Joshua Miller, Riverlands program assistant and mark your calendars for next year’s festival on October 5, 2013!

 ~Alana Roberts, PPL Susquehanna Riverlands

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