Chilly Day, Chilli Challenge


Cyclists begin the Chilli Challenge in wet weather

Spinning wheels, splashing paddles and swift feet marked the tenth running of the Chilli Challenge Adventure Triathlon held at PPL Montour Preserve on Saturday, October 6. Over 160 participants competed in the event under gray skies. Cool temperatures and rain showers provided a wet start to the nineteen-mile bicycle race through rolling farmlands and along tree-lined roads of northern Montour County. The bike ride began and ended at Montour Preserve and was followed by a kayak race on Lake Chillisquaque. The rain ended before the first kayak launched for a two-mile paddle around the lake. From the water, participants took to the preserve trails for a footrace just shy of five miles. The weather might have played a role in lower than expected participation in the triathalon. Even so, over 160 people competed either as individuals or teams. The Chilli Challenge takes its name from Lake Chillisquaque, a 165-acre lake that provides backup cooling water for PPL’s Montour power plant and is one in a series of competitive events in the River Towns Race Series held in and around Montour County. The Montour Area Recreation Commission, organizers of the event honored Montour Preserve for ten years of partnership in the Chilli Challenge and for 40 years of community service.

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