Predators of the Poconos

Kathy Uhler, director of the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Stroudsburg, provided an educational and close-up experience with several predators native to the area on Saturday at PPL’s Martins Creek Preserve.

An experienced wildlife handler, she educated participants about raptors, mammals and reptiles that were previously injured or orphaned and cannot be released back into the wild.  

Some of the crowd’s favorites included a barn owl, peregrine falcon, flying squirrel, wood turtle, black rat snake, baby opossum and striped skunk.  “Did you know that the peregrine falcon can reach speeds of 200 mph during their characteristic hunting stoop (high speed dive), making them the fastest member of the animal kingdom,” she said as the crowd gasped in amazement.  Cameras in hand, participants of all ages clamored for the perfect photo of the beautiful raptor and the rest of the furry and feathered  “friends”  which Kathy brought from PWRC.


PPL is pleased to support the efforts of the PWRC and to offer educational programs about native wildlife.  For other programs about local wildlife in your area, visit the PPL Preserves Calendar of Events.  Hope to see you soon,   Alana 

~Alana Roberts, PPL Community Affairs Specialist

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