Students Test their Environmental Knowledge at the 25th Anniversary Canon Envirothon

Selinsgrove, PA – The 25thAnniversary of Canon Envirothon is taking place this week at Susquehanna University. High School students from 45 states, 9 provinces, and 1 territory are participating in a variety of educational events that test their environmental knowledge on five areas including soils, wildlife, forestry, aquatics, and a current issue with the theme of: “Going Green with Low Impact Development (LID) Technologies to Reduce Non-Point-Source-Pollution.” Additionally, students will participate in an oral component; they will have a limited amount of time and resources to prepare a presentation for a panel of judges on the current issue topic.Image

On Tuesday, July 24, PPL’s Montour Preserve hosted the five field testing stations as part of the Canon Envirothon 2012. “PPL’s Montour Preserve is honored to welcome students from the United States and Canada and provide the field testing sites for Canon Envirothon 2012,” said Meg Welker, PPL’s education and public outreach manager. “It’s an appropriate fit for this year’s 40th Anniversary of Montour Preserve, which has provided recreational and educational opportunities for countless students and visitors over the years,” said Welker.

Montour Preserve has welcomed state and local Envirothons in the past, but this is the first time it has been a key part of a Canon Envirothon. “As a company that promotes and values education and environmental awareness, we’re proud to have three judges involved in the Canon Envirothon who will review the presentations by the students,” Welker said.

Pennsylvania is also very proud of the Envirothon’s rich history and to be hosting the 2012 Canon Enviothon. The Envirothon, originally called the Enviro-lympics, originated in Pennsylvania in 1987. The Pennsylvania Envirothon Committee is thrilled once again to host the competition on the North American level. “The Envirothon is a good example of an on-going partnership with conservation district associations and cooperating state, provincial, and federal natural resource agencies,” said Lorelle Steach, PA Envirothon Program Coordinator and 2012 Canon Envirothon Co-Chair. “The program boasts a successful history of introducing innovative conservation techniques and providing hands-on environmental and natural resource management education to high school students. We are excited to have the Canon Envirothon return to its Pennsylvania roots in order to celebrate 25 years of Envirothon,” said Steach.

All of the students are equally proud and very excited to be a part of this event. After testing day at Montour Preserve, the teams were happy to have the stress behind them. “Some of the tests were more challenging than others,” was the consensus from the Prince Edward Island team. Overall the forestry test was thought to be more difficult than their province competition. The significant size of the forest, the terminology, and the technology are different and unique to the area, making it more of a challenge. “Overall the event was challenging, but we learned a lot; the Canon Envirothon is great,” said the Prince Edward Island Team.

Other teams seemed to have similar outlooks. “Testing was a lot like the state and regional events, but more in-depth,” said Daniel Sain of the Tennessee team.

“Testing Day was really long, hot, and humid; but I had a lot of fun and met a lot of people,” said Elizabeth Haun of the Utah Team.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the teams will be preparing for and taking part in the oral competition aspect of the Canon Envirothon, when they will deliver presentations to a panel of judges. The scores from all the events will be totaled to determine a winner, which will be announced Thursday evening at the Closing Ceremonies held in Weber Chapel on the Susquehanna University Campus. For more information about Canon Envirothon and this week’s event visit

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