PPL Montour Travel Bug Reaches Austria

Photo submitted by anna_anhang

 There’s a bug going around, a Groundspeak Travel Bug that is. Don’t worry; this is a good kind of bug that has been traveling around the geocaching world for quite some time now. A travel bug is a trackable device that is attached to an object. It has a unique number that people can log online, tracking it from cache to cache.  The travel bug was released in March of 2007 at PPL’s Montour Environmental Preserve, its goal being to reach Wales, United Kingdom, the home of Western Power Distribution, PPL’s electricity distribution company in the UK. That goal was met in a few short months and it has been making its way around the world ever since.

Photo submitted by Lantis82

This particular travel bug is attached to a PPL light keychain and has been found in places such as Spain, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It has been traveling around Austria since April 1, 2012 and was last picked up on top of a mountain in beautiful Styria. It is currently heading to Lower Austria to be placed in another cache. It has traveled an impressive 7,631 miles in the last 4 years, and hopefully many more to come!  

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