Attention Teachers: Act 48 Credits Available through PPL Electric Utilities Teacher Workshops

Teachers can earn credits toward their Act 48 requirements when they attend PPL Electric Utilities Teacher Workshop Sessions this summer. This year’s workshops are titled Sustainability through Energy Efficiency. The workshops are designed to reinforce and expand teachers’ knowledge of sustainable practices with a focus on energy efficiency.

Practical knowledge will be reinforced with hands-on activities analyzing how we use energy and how to reduce energy use. Participants will be actively engaged in discussions of best practices in energy management for the home and school, in the areas of lighting, heating and cooling, weatherization, water heating, appliances, electronics, demand side response measures, etc.

Activities will include the use of Kill A Watt® monitors to compare energy use of small electric devices, conducting a lighting audit of the workshop location, testing insulating materials, and creation of an action plan to reduce energy use at home and school.

Three one-day energy efficiency and sustainably workshops will be offered in July. Teachers that attend are trained to become Energy Patrol leaders and will receive hands-on training on how to mentor a patrol group and then work with students, creating an Energy Action Patrol to help the whole school become more aware of the importance of conservation and energy efficiency.

Visit for more information on how to register.

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