Eagle Etiquette

It is Bald Eagle nesting season. With the growth in the Bald Eagle population in Pennsylvania, nests are appearing closer to human activity. Eagle nests are particularly vulnerable to disturbance early in the season. If an adult eagle is flushed off the nest, the eggs or young are exposed to dangerously cool temperatures and predators. In addition, disturbing an eagle nest is a Federal offense under the Bald and Golden Eagle Act. It is a serious offence subject to large fines. Using binoculars or a spotting scope to watch a bald eagle nest at a distance is fine, but use common sense. If the eagle on the nest exhibits signs of nervousness or discomfort or leaves the nest you are too close. The survival of the eagles is the highest priority. Provide a good example for others to follow and help us protect bald eagles. For more information on bald eagles check the Pennsylvania Game Commission website: http://bit.ly/n9sz2b. You might be interested in printing the Bald Eagle Etiquette handout here: BaldEagleNestEtiquette.

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