Live Raptors Captivate Audience

Bill Streeter, Delaware Valley Raptor Center, presented 140 visitors with 6 live birds of prey at PPL’s Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center this past Saturday. By show of hands, this was most people’s first time at our center. The audience was captivated by the beauty of raptors as small as Mortimer the saw whet owl, as large as Julia the golden eagle and as elusive as Una the snowy owl. They learned interesting facts, like how a peregrine falcon can dive for prey at speeds up to 200 mph and that owl’s eyes are bigger than their brains. Streeter demonstrated the auditory flight difference of an owl and hawk by flapping a sample of each feather. He also created awareness about how these particular raptors came into his hands.

At the Delaware Valley Raptor Center, Streeter rehabilitates injured birds of prey. He and his staff work hard fixing broken wings and healing concussions, all in an effort to reintroduce them back into the wild.  Some raptors are not able to be reintroduced. Julia, a golden eagle whose only natural enemy is the human, has been left blind in one eye after being hit by a car. Sophie, a peregrine falcon, broke a leg and wing after flying through an apartment window. Her wing did not recover completely.  Streeter also reminded the audience about the illegal shooting of raptors. How, as recently as days ago, a shot bald eagle was brought to him for rehabilitation.

For more information on the work of the Delaware Valley Raptor Center, their resident birds and how you can help, visit this link: Delaware Valley Raptor Center.

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