Holtwood Boat Ramps Reopen

PPL Holtwood has reopened the Pequea and York Furnace boat ramps to the public on the Susquehanna River and completed posting new safety signage for boaters.

“We have repaired two strobe lights on the dam, repaired signage, and installed new signage at the Pequea and York Furnace boat ramps. The new signs alert boaters to high river flows and to avoid the area downstream of the one-mile warning signs in the river and that the marker buoys 1,000 feet upstream of the dam are not installed,” said John M. Levitski, PPL community relations director for the Lancaster region.

The signage also notifies boaters to use caution with portage access limited to the east shore of the river.

“We’re still dealing with high flows that prevent us from repairing the final two strobe lights,” Levitski said. “Hunters can enjoy the remainder of duck season in south central Pennsylvania, which lasts until Jan. 14, but it is very important that boaters be safe,  follow the information on the new signage, and review procedures for cold-weather boating.”

Updates regarding the reopening of the Pequea and York Furnace boat ramps will be available at www.pplholtwood.com, or from the Lower Susquehanna River Hotline at 800-692-6328.

Boat ramps operated by the nearby Safe Harbor and Conowingo hydroelectric plants remain open.

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