World Traveling “Bug”

Travel Bug

In the world of geocaching, getting a bug is a good thing, at least when it is a Groundspeak Travel Bug. This is a trackable tag attached to some item. In this case, the tag was attached to a PPL keychain. The tag has a unique number on it allowing it to be tracked online as it is carried from geocache to geocache until it reaches its goal, aided, of course, by the humans who find the geocache. The task of this PPL travel bug was to reach Wales, United Kingdom, the home of Western Power Distribution, PPL’s electricity distribution company in the UK.

After beginning its journey at PPL’s Montour Environmental Preserve in Pennsylvania in March of 2007, it made its way to Maryland within a month and then to North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It arrived in Wales on July 1, 2007. From there the travel bug has moved around the United Kingdom for almost two months before going to Scotland and then to Spain. From there it traveled to the Netherlands and is currently in Switzerland. So far this travel bug has traveled almost 7,000 miles from its point of origin in three and a half years.

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