Even hawks get the blues…

Even though they are masters of the wind, there are times when the wind becomes their master. Raptors are in for a wild ride when a storm the size and scope of hurricane Irene moves in. Being caught up and buffeted by 100+ mile an hour winds is no picnic. It can leave any bird exhausted. That could be the plight of one red-tailed hawk found grounded after the storm passed through. Found not far from Montour Preserve, the redtail was alert but appeared to have little energy. It did not attempt to fly at the approach of dogs or humans. It was so weak that it allowed me to pick it up and prepare it for a trip to a wildlife rehabilitator. There the hawk will be fed and hydrated and kept under observation to determine the cause of its problem. If the hawk is exhausted, a few days of food and rest should restore it back to health. When it is strong enough the redtailwill return to the wild blue yonder to become, once again, master of the wind.

Red-tailed Hawk

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