Be a nature detective on National Trails Day at Martins Creek

National Trails Day Hike: Who’s Been Here?
Saturday, June 4
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Cedars Pavilion
Presenter: John Jose, Otter Creek Env. Education Service

A pile of pine cone scales, a hole in a tree, animal droppings, scratches on a tree trunk and bones on the forest floor are just some of the evidence animals leave behind in fields and woodlands. As nature detectives, we’ll sleuth out the clues and solve the mysteries of ‘who dunnit’ as we examine the evidence left behind. This is a great program to sharpen observation skills, while creating awareness that although animals may not always reveal themselves, they leave signs of their presence behind. This program is great for kids as well as adults.

Connect with Kestrels
Saturday, June 4
1-2:30 p.m.
Lower Mt. Bethel Twp. Welcome Center
Presenter: “The Birdman” Paul Karner

In 1978, Paul Karner began a program to provide nesting sites for the American kestrel by placing nesting boxes throughout prime kestrel habitat. These boxes allowed this small falcon to return yearly to raise its young. The program has grown to over 80 kestrel boxes and has allowed Karner, a federally licensed bird bander, to band these birds to study them.

Enjoy a slide show of his successes and challenges as he follows several pairs of kestrels throughout the years. The presentation will also showcase live falcons along with some other surprises. A short field trip to see some of the nest boxes he maintains on PPL property will follow his presentation. Bring your camera.

All programs are free. For directions, please visit, click on “Martins Creek” then select “Directions.” For more information or to register, contact PPL at (570)542-2886 or

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