Banding at 8th Street Bridge!

Today, the Pennsylvania Game Commission was able to band four young peregrines with help from PPL.

PPL Electric Utilities provided a crew and crane to help licensed bander, Tim Kita, scale the 80 foot high arch under the 8th Street Bridge in Allentown where two peregrine falcons nested and laid four eggs.

At 10:30 this morning, Kita banded all four young falcons, three females and one male. All were in very good health and we are expecting to see them soaring the skies in about two weeks.

From banding information we gathered that the mother is originally from a nest off the Fulton Building in Massachusetts, the father was not banded so we can only assume he is possibly from the same area. Dad took to the skies during the banding process while the mother relentlessly yelled to protect her young. She stayed with them the entire time.

We expect to see the young falcons flying around Allentown and beyond during the beautiful days of summer.

To see more pictures of the banding you can find them here!

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