Salem Elementary students learn about forestry at PPL Arbor Day festival

Fourth graders from Salem Elementary School in Berwick visited the Susquehanna Riverlands last week to recognize Arbor Day and tour the PA WoodMobile.

The PA WoodMobile, a classroom contained in a large walk-through trailer, travels the state to educate students about Pennsylvania’s hardwood forests and is jointly sponsored by the Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council, Deer Park Lumber and Pennsylvania Forest Products Association.

Bob Jacques of the state Department of Agriculture described the abundant hardwood trees that grow in Pennsylvania and their role in shaping the history of the state and nation. Students could touch the various hardwood species produced in Pennsylvania and discover more about Pennsylvania’s forest products industry. Students also learned about how wood products are made (think Louisville Slugger bat), how the forest is managed in a sustainable fashion, and how common and unusual forest products can be found in everyday household items.

Eighty students and teachers participated in the event that was organized by PPL.

In the evening, the WoodMobile was opened up for the public to tour and 30 individuals of all ages took advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and learn about forest management and invasive species that threaten PA trees such as the emerald ash borer and Asian long-horned beetle..

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