PPL and Millersville University team up to educate about vernal pools

PPL and Millersville University’s annual environmental lecture series presents “The Ecology of Vernal Pools,” which takes us through the seasons of a vernal pool. Join us for this program from 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 12, at Roddy Hall, Room 261, Millersville University.

Randy Cassell, a biology teacher for 29 years, has studied and produced documentaries on the migratory and breeding behaviors of salamanders using vernal pools. The lecture begins with the fall migration of marble salamanders and progresses through the late winter and springtime breeding of mole salamanders. Along the way, we will examine aspects of each species’ biology, courtship and ecology and ultimately the impact timber harvesting can have on a vernal pool community. Cassell’s films have appeared on the BBC and Jack Hubley, local naturalist, has highlighted some of Cassell’s work on the “Wild Moment” segment of WGAL evening newscasts.

This free lecture is sponsored by PPL and will be held at Millersville University, Roddy Hall, Room 261, 50 E. Fredrick St., Millersville, Pa. For additional information, contact Karen Ament at 717-284-6274 or kament@pplweb.com

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