Peregrine banding at Montour

On Monday morning, I accompanied Dan Brauning and Mario Giazzon, Pennsylvania Game Commission biologists, to the peregrine nest box on stack #2 at PPL’s Montour power plant to band this year’s two chicks. The banding went very smoothly. Each chick was weighed and given distinctive leg bands and checked and sprayed for feather lice. Mom and dad peregrine were both present and flying around the stack. Mom in particular was not too happy with us and immediately returned to the nest box when we reopened it to allow her entry.

Based on weight differences of the two chicks, Dan believes one is a male and the other a female. The male is more developmentally advanced since he evidently hatched first. He is about 22 days old. The female, although not as old, is heavier than the male. She is about 17 days old. One unhatched egg remained in the nest.

Many thanks to Bill Wetzel, Supervisor-Instruments and Controls, for escorting us up and down in the elevator and making this possible.

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