An excellent adventure

If you haven’t been geocaching yet, you should give it a try! Some people call it hiking with a purpose, while others say it’s a 21st century treasure hunt.

Geocaching uses GPS technology to help you locate caches hidden in various locations. PPL has set up caches at all of its preserves in Pennsylvania as well as near its facilities in Maine and Montana.

This comment, from a geocacher looking for the cache at PPL’s Holtwood Environmental Preserve, shows how fun this outdoor adventure can be:

This was one beautiful day!  We had not yet been to the hydroelectric plant so it was great to see the river producing kilowatts. This was a nice cache, and a fairly easy find, but the real “draw” to this area is the view of large predatory birds.

The highlight of our day was while we were standing on the overlook above the plant and a bald eagle flew right in front of our faces. Then, it circled back again. There was a fellow bird enthusiast who had a telescope that he set up and focused it on a bald eagle nest. There were two adult eagles in the nest.

We also walked below by the plant on an old rail trail by the river. Near the end of the trail I looked across the river to the island and spotted a very large nest at the top of a very big tree. We could see a large bird in it. Soon a bald eagle flew to the nest and we could see three baby heads pop up to get food. Then, the adult eagle took off and flew near us to our side of the river.

This is a marvelous location, with the added attraction of a chance to see our national bird, the bald eagle. Fantastic!

If you’d like to learn more about geocaching, check out

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