What a day!

On Wednesday, I stopped in at the Wallenpaupack Environmental Education Center before starting a drive around the area to come up with an emergency drill scenario. When I went to park in the overflow lot, I saw a female turkey (hen) with her 8 poults (babies). Katie was a little jealous when I told her about the turkeys when I stopped in the office, but that was just the beginning.

When I pulled out of the overflow lot, I saw the hen and poults again on a little road that led down to a dumpster and as I drove on I caught something black out of the corner of my eye. I stopped and backed up and had my first Pennsylvania black bear sighting!

As I was driving around not far from the dam I saw a doe meandering about a residential area and as I continued downstream along the Lackawaxen River I spotted a mature Bald Eagle flying overhead.

At another location where I observed some fly fisherman wading in the river, I heard the strange sound of a bird called a Veery. It sounds kind of metallic, almost like it should be coming from a synthesizer instead of a living creature.

Then on Thursday at the Martins Creek Environmental Preserve, I saw my first fawn of the season and a beautiful Indigo Bunting, as well as the osprey on their nests. 

Unfortunately, no photos of any of this and I haven’t yet figured out how to download the images in my mind. I’ll have to work on gluing a camera to my hip so I don’t miss these photo ops!

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