Holtwood bird census

On a rather cool, damp and foggy walk along Lock 12 and McCall’s Ferry Road on May 3, six Lancaster County Bird Club members were inundated with birdsong.

We heard and saw both Oriole species, listened to quite a few Northern Parulas and cerulean warblers. We also tallied a pair of Scarlet Tanagers, an Acadian Flycatcher, Redstarts, a Bluegray Gnatcatcher building a nest, and singing Red-eyed, Yellow-throated and Warbling Vireos.

We trekked across the Norman Wood Bridge to Lancaster County and checked out the Holtwood ash basin #2, where we spotted prairie warblers, yellow-breasted chats, brown thrashers and white-eyed vireos. We were unable to find the Blue Grosbeak, one of the target birds for that area.
Gingerly, and in single file, we moved past a massive honey bee swarm on a red bud tree along the grassy rim trail.

All in all, we counted 48 bird species at just these two sites.

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